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17 Annoying Body Things You Almost Can't Resist Touching

We know you want to.

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Warning: These images may be graphic or disturbing to some readers.

1. Can you resist picking apart this split end?

2. What about this flaky, peeling sunburn?

Adam88xx / Getty Images / Via

3. Or this rogue eyelash?

4. What about this constellation of mosquito bites?

Jordan Lingle / / Via

5. This fresh splinter?

Sanba83 / Wikicommons / Via

6. Or this dried-up earwax?

Anand2202 / Wikicommons / Via

Feeling the urge to pick at everything yet?

7. What about this bubbled foot blister?

Nat_batemen / Getty Images / Via

8. Can you resist picking at these nose blackheads?

Thamkc / Getty Images / Via

9. What about these flowing mole hairs?

Smithore / Getty Images / Via

10. This plump blood blister?

Esinam / Via

11. Or this dry, itchy scab?

Jpc-prod / Getty Images / Via|Physical%20Injury|70387|Subject/R|Close-up|60719|Composition/f=CPIHVX/p=2/s=DynamicRank

12. This annoying hangnail?

Exclusive Visual / Getty Images / Via

13. What about these peeling calluses?

Feeling antsy yet?

Turner Pictures / Via

14. What about this flaky, peeling cuticle?

Ahphotoswpg / Getty Images / Via

15. Or this ingrown hair?

Pobladurafcg / Getty Images / Via

16. Or these flaking feet?

17. What about this really full pimple?

Sasa Komlen / Getty Images / Via


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This is you right now.