17 Annoying Body Things You Almost Can't Resist Touching

    We know you want to.

    Warning: These images may be graphic or disturbing to some readers.

    1. Can you resist picking apart this split end?

    2. What about this flaky, peeling sunburn?

    3. Or this rogue eyelash?

    4. What about this constellation of mosquito bites?

    5. This fresh splinter?

    6. Or this dried-up earwax?

    Feeling the urge to pick at everything yet?

    7. What about this bubbled foot blister?

    8. Can you resist picking at these nose blackheads?

    9. What about these flowing mole hairs?

    10. This plump blood blister?

    11. Or this dry, itchy scab?

    12. This annoying hangnail?

    13. What about these peeling calluses?

    Feeling antsy yet?

    14. What about this flaky, peeling cuticle?

    15. Or this ingrown hair?

    16. Or these flaking feet?

    17. What about this really full pimple?