This Is Actually Why Your Hands And Feet Are Always Cold

    Sock and mitten game = on point.

    Raise your (cold, frigid) hand if your fingers and toes are always freezing.

    Having cold hands and feet is actually a natural part of your body maintaining its internal temperature.

    Contrary to everything you've heard, it's not usually an issue of poor circulation.

    And it really doesn't have to do with being tall or lanky AF.

    There's also Raynaud's Disease, which causes your fingers and toes to be freezing, numb, and to change color.

    Other health issues can lead to chilly hands and feet — like anemia, an underactive thyroid, diabetes, or nerve damage.

    The best treatment is stocking up on mittens, socks, and comfy shoes with wiggle room.

    So grab warm and fuzzy reinforcements, because fall/winter is coming for your fingers and toes.