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    Watch This Teenager's Emotional Reaction To Waking Up From Heart Surgery

    "I'm so happy. I’ve been waiting so long. I can breathe again."

    Last week, Phillip Sullivan of Detroit, Michigan shared an emotional video on Facebook of his 15-year-old son Trevor waking up from heart transplant surgery.

    Facebook: video.php

    According to ABC News, Trevor's mother Kimberly filmed the video back in November, shortly after her son woke up and began taking his first breaths using his new heart. Sullivan shared the video on Jan 19 to Gift of Life Michigan, a Michigan organization that coordinates organ and tissue transplantation from deceased donors.

    "I'm so happy ... I've been waiting for so long ... I can breathe again and talk ... I feel amazing ... I've never felt so good," Trevor says to his father through tears.

    Facebook: philip.sullivan.14

    Trevor's heartfelt and grateful response shows that even small things like breathing can be taken for granted.

    Trevor was diagnosed with severe cardiomyopathy last March and spent 8 months on the heart transplant list until receiving a donor and undergoing surgery in November 2015.

    Phillip Sullivan, Facebook / Via

    Trevor had felt sick for about one year, his parents told ABC News, but things took a turn for the worst last February when he had to be airlifted to the hospital for sudden heart failure. Doctors diagnosed him with severe cardiomyopathy, an abnormality in the heart muscle which makes it difficult to pump blood to the rest of the body. In severe cases it can cause heart failure and requires a heart transplant for treatment.

    "In laymen’s terms, Trevor’s heart is mis-firing. A normal heart rate for a 14 year old is 85-100, his was 180-200. Surgery is inevitable," it says on the GoFundMe page Trevor's family set up to ease growing medical expense, which has raised over $65,000 so far. Trevor is the oldest of four children, and his family says the diagnosis quickly turned their lives into a "living nightmare."

    The video has received over 1 million views and thousands of comments showing support for Trevor's family and his recovery.

    Phillip Sullivan, Facebook / Via Facebook: philip.sullivan.14

    According to WDIV Local 4 News, Trevor has been recovering "very well" and doctors say he shows no sign of organ rejection, a scary outcome that can happen after transplant surgeries. Trevor's family has shared his entire journey on a public Facebook group "Team Trevor."

    "I really like the video, actually," Trevor told ABC News. "I think it's really cool and I wish everyone in the world can see it because it really makes a difference."

    Kimberly Sullivan, Facebook / Via

    "It promotes organ donation and people can see the outcome of it and how happy they really are [...] I can do anything now. I do feel really relieved."

    BuzzFeed has reached out to the Phillips family for comment.

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