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17 Seemingly Harmless Bathroom Habits That Are Actually Disgusting

*touches genitals* *touches towel* *touches doorknob*

First, the good news: Your bathroom is usually one of the cleaner places in your home.

But if you're not cleaning things the right way (or, OK, just being lazy), your bathroom can turn into a breeding ground for germs, bacteria, and viruses.

1. Using the same toothbrush or forgetting to ~deep clean~ it after you've been sick.

2. Or keeping all the toothbrushes together in the same old cup thing.

If you share a bathroom with roommates, cramming all your toothbrushes into a shared holder is basically inevitable. But if it's so crowded that the bristles are touching and transmitting germs, you may as well be sharing toothbrushes with your roomies (and their significant others). And if someone gets sick, it's likely those germs will get on your toothbrush too.

Besides, have you ever looked at the bottom of the toothbrush cup after not washing it in a while? It's like a reservoir for germy mold and mildew. Reynolds suggests storing toothbrushes individually upright or keeping several cups so they have room to breathe. And definitely sanitizing the cup with a diluted hydrogen peroxide solution once every few weeks.

3. Keeping your soap in a dish.

4. Letting your shower curtain grow mold.

5. Everyone drying their hands on the same hand towel.

6. Hanging a bunch of damp, dirty towels on the same hook or rack in the bathroom.

7. Leaving your razors in the shower.

8. Ditto for using razors long past their expiration date.

9. Using loofahs for more than three months.

10. Letting your toilet bowl get super dirty.

11. Forgetting to wipe the doorknob and light switch.

12. Using washcloths you left in the shower.

13. Taking a bath in a tub that hasn't been cleaned and sanitized.

14. Going over a month without scrubbing the bathroom floor.

15. Letting the bathroom get hot and steamy without proper ventilation.

16. Using the same dirty bath mat forever.

17. Resting anything on a dirty bathroom counter that will end up touching your face, eyes, or mouth.

Happy bathroom cleaning!