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    23 Simple Design Tips That Will Make Your Home Less Stressful

    Please check all stress and angst at the front door.

    There's actually nothing better than coming home to a calm, stress-free space after a long day.

    1. Stop buying flowers — get succulents instead.

    Being faced with a half-dead orchid every month is just sad and stressful. "Flowers die quickly and easily collect dust and allergens," says Pollack. But succulents are super simple and low-maintenance, and they can even help purify the air in your home, Deleon adds.

    Find more amazing houseplants that won't die on you here.

    2. Get a welcome mat that makes you smile and keeps out the dirt.

    Get the left mat for $35 and the right mat for $38.

    Find more funny welcome mats here.

    3. Mount little smartphone holders in your living room and bedroom so you never lose your phone in the couch again.

    The anxious searching ends now. Deleon suggests using these sleek, easy wall holders to keep your phone in reach, safe, and dry. Available on Amazon for $4.97.

    4. Get one big candle that'll last forever instead of scattering little ones all over the place.

    5. Group all your art and photographs into a "gallery wall" display.

    "Consolidating your art into one wall or area helps your entire room look less busy and cluttered," Pollack says. It never hurts to have too much blank, free space on your walls.

    Find tips on how to group your art here.

    6. Add a few agates and geodes for a subtle pop of color.

    7. Buy a shadow box to house all those random little knickknacks that are all over the place.

    "Your room will feel much more calm and organized if you arrange all the loose trinkets and knickknacks you can't get rid of into one designated space," Pollack says.

    Available on Etsy for $79.

    8. Get a set of matching hangers like an actual adult.

    "The more random, mismatched hangers in your closet, the more 'white noise,''' says Pollack. So ditch all those plastic, half-broken store hangers for some sleek and matching ones.

    Available on Amazon for $14.99.

    9. Choose a calming color palette for your walls and decor.

    The experts suggest creamy earth tones and cool colors like blues and greens to maximize your chill.

    Find out more about the right color palette for you here, or use the Color Viewfinder app (free, iOS).

    10. Or keep your walls a basic, clean white.

    11. Decorate with earth tones and natural wood accents.

    12. Or give your plain furniture a DIY rustic wood makeover.

    Here's how to change up your mirror and shelves.

    13. Invest in at least one ridiculously luxe blanket for your bed.

    14. And add a cozy throw to your couch that everyone will want to nap on.

    These ones available from Pottery Barn.

    15. Store everything under or in your nightstand — not on top of it.

    Since your nightstand is right next to where you sleep, Pollack suggests keeping it as clutter-free as possible. "Keep a nice lamp, your book, and a glass of water out, then store everything else below," she says.

    Nightstands available from Ikea.

    16. Or hide a power strip in your bedside drawer so your gadgets are hidden away while you're charging at night.

    17. Hang gauzy curtains and roll up the blinds during the day to flood your rooms with natural light.

    18. Or hang a dreamy tapestry.

    19. Add some cozy floor and table lamps to your bedroom for customizable mood lighting.

    "Try to minimize using the harsh overhead light by adding lamps," says Pollack. Having multiple small light sources in a room also allows you to make the lighting as bright or dim as you'd like.

    Get the left lamp for for $59 and the right lamp for $195.

    20. Make your junk drawers slightly less insane with dividers.

    21. Use essential oil diffusers to give your space a calming scent.

    Deleon suggests lavender for the bedroom to help you relax and sleep. Another popular scent for the home is lotus, and probably anything works for your smelly bathroom.

    Find out how to make your own oil reed diffuser here.

    22. Keep the least amount of stuff possible on your desk. Seriously.

    23. Make your entryway organized AF so your mornings are a little less chaotic.

    "Having your keys, purse, and coat at the door will save you a lot of time and stress," says Pollack.

    Buy a few coatracks or find out how to make your own version here.

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