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31 Delightfully Weird Gifts For All The Medical Nerds In Your Life

You'll infect them with joy.

1. Prescription Bottle Coffee Mug

2. Tiny Gold DNA Ring

Buy it here for $29.99 in yellow gold, rose gold, or silver on Etsy.

3. Giant Microbe Plushies

Who knew herpes (pictured right) could be so cute! Buy them here for $9.99, and find the entire collection on Giant Microbes.

4. Eye Chart Tie

5. Organ Transport Lunch Cooler

6. Pain Scale Wineglass

7. Anatomic Heart Specimen Glass Coasters

8. Heart Anatomy Print

9. Gray's Anatomy Book Purse

10. Phrenology Pillow

11. "Chill Pill" Handmade Cranberry Orange Soap

12. Brass Anatomical Teeth Cuff

13. Extra Large Rx Prescription Boozemin Flask

14. Hand-Painted Stethoscope Slip-On Vans

15. Pandemic Board Game

16. Silver Double Heartbeat Necklace

17. Abstract Vertebrae Watercolor Print

18. Bacteria Phagocytosis Mug

19. Chocolate Syringes

20. Anatomy Coloring Book

21. Laboratory Shot Glasses

22. Handmade Embroidered Anatomy Journal

23. Lumbar Vertebra Penholder

24. Human Anatomy Shower Curtain

Buy it here for $10 on Fred & Friends.

26. Respiratory System Drinking Glass

27. X-Ray Oven Mitt

28. Infectious Disease Stress Ball

Squeeze and the bubonic plague comes to life. Buy them here for $4.99 from ThinkGeek.

29. Vintage Stomach Anatomy Apron

30. Human Heart Glass Wine Decanter

31. A Life-Size Human Skeleton Model

If you want to go all out. Buy it here for $255.40.


You can buy the Brain Freeze ice cube mold from Fred & Friends. A previous version of this post linked to an alternate seller.

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