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    19 Stunningly Weird Pieces Of Anatomy Jewelry

    The knee bone's connected to the ~necklace~.

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    1. Tiny Silver Brain Ring

    2. Silver Vertebrae Necklace

    Buy it here, $55.

    3. Engraved Teeth Brass Cuff

    4. Bronze Digestive System Pendant

    5. Silver Anatomical Heart Locket

    Find it here, $310.

    6. Brass Brain Cufflinks

    7. Lumbar Vertebrae Pendant

    Available here, $34.75.

    8. Knee Joint Pendant in Pewter

    You kneed this in your life. Get it here, $29.75.

    9. Anatomical Ear Cufflinks

    10. Bone and Spine Bracelet

    11. Silver Ribcage Ring

    Find it here, $69.

    12. Gold-Plated Ribcage Necklace

    13. Silver Human Kidney Pendant

    14. Human Brain Earrings

    15. Hyoid Bone Pendant Necklace

    16. Ear Cochlea Necklace

    17. Femur Bone Earrings

    18. Human Heart Cufflinks

    19. Human Teeth Bangle

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