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How Did Transitioning Impact Your Mental Health?

No matter how you define your transition, we want to know how it impacted your mental health.

Transitioning can mean many different things, and it's a unique process for each individual. / Via

There is no one way to define or experience transitioning, and it isn't necessarily marked by one event, such as a surgery.

Sometimes, the transitioning process may be a social change (changing clothing, pronouns, and names). For others, transitioning may involve medical interventions (hormone therapy, surgery).

And of course for some individuals, the transitioning process may be a combination of these things — it really depends on the individual to decide which changes (if any) to make and when to make them.

No matter how you do it or what your timeline is, transitioning can have a huge impact on your mental health.

So we want to know how your mental health changed (or didn't change) as a result of the transitioning process, however you define it.

Maybe you finally felt some relief from gender dysphoria, depression, or anxiety.

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Sure, maybe transitioning doesn't make all those go away forever, but maybe it just quiets them a bit. How did that feel?

Maybe you encountered some new mental health struggles after transitioning that you didn't anticipate.

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Maybe transitioning has been, on balance, awesome, or it brought up some new issues for you.

Maybe the reaction to your transition from family and friends had an impact on your mental health, too.

Some of the changes in your mental health might have been expected, whereas others may have come as a complete surprise.

No matter what your transitioning process looked like or how it impacted your mental health, we want to hear all about it.

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