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Tell Us How You Keep A Healthy Diet In College

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College is a glorious time.

You're basically away from home and free to do whatever you want for the first time in your life.

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But that means you're also 100% responsible for yourself.

...which includes what, when, and where you eat.

It can get pretty hard to make nutrition a priority with a busy class schedule… not to mention the dining hall food, partying, late night snacking, etc.

And it's especially difficult when you're working with a college budget.

But perhaps you came up with some awesome ways to eat healthy without hating life.

We want to know about all the clever dining hall tips, dorm room recipes, and exam week brain-food ideas that helped you maintain a nutritious diet within a college lifestyle.

When you eat a fruit & feel healthy AF

Have you discovered how to create the most delicious salads of all time? Do you have the ultimate swaps and add-ins for a healthier bowl of ramen? Is your microwave oatmeal nutritious AND to die for? Have you devised a strategy to avoid the unlimited fountain soda and ice cream at the dining hall?

Whether you are still in college or you've already graduated, we want to know your best advice.

So tell us: How did you manage to eat healthy in college?

Share your advice in the comments and it might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Health post.