Here's Why Alcohol Messes With Your Poop

    "Blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol." —you, singing from the toilet

    You may have noticed that drinking alcohol can sometimes make your poop habits a little...shitty.

    Maybe it happens while you're drinking, and you end up trapped in a bar bathroom praying for mercy.

    ...or you spend the entire morning after on the toilet.

    First, let's go over how alcohol is actually processed through your digestive system.

    Alcohol can ~speed things along~ in your intestinal tract, which is you why you might have diarrhea after drinking.

    But you're also drinking way more fluids than normal, which can loosen and liquify your stools.

    Your post-party poop problems might also be tied to certain types of alcohol or mixers.

    And let's not rule out drunk food, either...

    And if you already have bowel issues or an intestinal disease like IBS, alcohol can be even worse on your gut.

    But it's not just drunk poops you have to worry about. Sometimes alcohol can have the opposite effect.

    It also depends how much alcohol you drink.

    Having food in your stomach might help reduce alcohol's effect on the intestines.

    And hey, sometimes alcohol doesn't cause any poop problems. So it really depends on the person.

    It's worth noting that severe diarrhea lasting for more than a day after drinking is not normal, so you might want to see a doctor for that.

    And of course, there are more serious bowel issues that can stem from long-term chronic drinking or alcohol abuse.

    So it's always important to drink responsibly and take care of yourself.

    ...and make sure you're never too far from a bathroom.