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21 Signs Your Friend Group Would Crumble Without You

You've got 99 problems...and none of them are yours.

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1. You're the keeper of all secrets.

2. And if anyone asks you to spill what another friend told you, you strictly plead the fifth.

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3. When someone becomes an emotional drunk mess, you’re the first (and probably only) one locked in the bathroom with them.

4. And it doesn't matter where you are or what you're doing, you'll pick up the phone if a friend needs you.

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5. Conflict resolution? You got it.

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6. But sometimes you get stuck in the middle.

7. Because you like to fix things, no matter how messy.

Luis Reyes / Coldplay Official / Via

8. When it comes to calming people down, you're an artist with words.

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9. And you give the best hugs.

10. You're basically the guru of heartbreak.

Warner Bros / Via

11. If a friend won't get out of a shitty relationship, you're usually sent in as a last resort.

OWN / Via

12. Your bed/couch/room is essentially a therapist's office.

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13. You give incredible and unique pep talks.

14. And you're constantly resisting the urge to say "I told you so."

15. But you always keep it real.

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16. Sometimes being everyone's problem-solver can get emotionally exhausting.

17. To the extent that you kinda forget about your own wellbeing.

18. And sometimes you question why you put in so much time and effort.

19. But then you remember that helping a friend is always worth it.

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20. And even though you're never afraid to tell it like it is...

21. Your brutal honesty and tough love is totally a sign of how much you care.

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