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34 Gifts That Support Women In Need Around The World

Give a gift that gives back to someone in need.

1. Infinity charm necklace: India, USA

Available here in either silver or gold, for $28.

Organization: Purpose Jewelry and International Sanctuary, India / USA.

Impact: Each piece of jewelry is crafted by a woman who escaped sex trafficking in either Mumbai, India or Orange County, California. Your purchase helps Purpose Jewelry provide these survivors with a fair-wage job, counseling, education, and basic healthcare.

2. Leather crossover sandals: Uganda

Sseko / Via

Available here for $69 in women's sizes 5-11.

Organization: Sseko, Uganda.

Impact: Sseko sandals are produced by young women in Uganda who work as artisans during a 9-month gap between secondary school and university to save money, which Sseko matches 100% with a college scholarship. Sseko also employs older women with no income so they can avoid prostitution.

3. All-natural bath bombs: India and Uganda

Mix and match a set of 4 bath bombs here for $22.99.

Organization: B.A.R.E. Soaps, Uganda and India.

Impact: Your purchase helps employ women in India and Uganda, and B.A.R.E re-invests 20% of the proceeds into economic development in these regions so the soap production can provide vitamins, basic health and hygiene awareness, and livestock to families.

4. Organic, fair-trade coffee: Nicaragua

Serrv / Via

Buy this organic medium roast here for $11.

Organization: Las Diosas, Nicaragua.

Impact: Profits support an all-female community co-op that gives rural Nicaraguan women a stable income by allowing them to cultivate their own land and sell fair-trade products, a practice traditionally reserved for men.

5. Fair-trade shea butter soap and skin cream: Togo


Buy the soap for $14.99 here and the skin cream for $13.99 here. Or browse the entire collection .

Organization: Alaffia, Togo.

Impact: Profits help fund Alaffia's various empowerment projects in Togolese communities, which aim to achieve gender equality and to help people rise out of poverty. Their projects include constructing schools, running a maternal health clinic, distributing eyeglasses, and planting trees.

6. Lace underwear and bralette: Colombia

Buy the underwear here for $25 and the bralette here for $50.

Organization: Naja, Colombia.

Impact: Naja lingerie is eco-friendly and made by single mothers or female heads of the household in the slums of Colombia. Your purchase provides these women with a stable job, above-market wages, healthcare benefits, and childcare so that their families can escape poverty.

7. Washi tea tin candles: USA

Prosperity Candle / Via

Buy the candles here for $18 each.

Organization: Prosperity Candle, USA.

Impact: Every purchase helps provide training and a fair wages for women who have recently resettled in the United States from refugee camps all over the world. The candles are hand-poured, sustainable, and comes with a handwritten note from the woman who made it.

8. Printed stationary set: Rwanda

MarieMae / Via

Buy the set of 12 cards here for $24.

Organization: Marie Mae, Rwanda.

impact: Each item purchased equals one hour of training at the Marie Mae Business School, which educates young women and groups of artisans and provides business skills so they can become self-sufficient entrepreneurs.

9. Dainty handmade rings: Tennessee, USA

Buy the knot ring here for $14 and the "X" ring here for $30 or browse the entire collection.

Organization: FashionABLE, Tennessee, USA / multiple countries

Impact:. All jewelry from the "Miriam Collection" is handcrafted by women in Nashville, Tennessee who are recovering from addiction, prostitution, depression and homelessness. FashionABLE provides these women with job opportunities, creative therapy, and business skills so they can eventually support themselves.

10. Padded cloth laptop cases: Ghana

Della / Via

Available in a variety of patterns for 11-inch size, 13-inch size, and 15-inch size laptops — all for $48 each.

Organization: Della, Ghana.

Impact: Each laptop case is crafted sustainably with authentic Ghanian textiles by women and men in Hohoe, Ghana. Della is a "socially responsible fashion line" run and owned by women that provides stable jobs, an education, and entrepreneurship opportunities to over 55 talented artisans.

11. Adorable embroidered onesies: Rwanda, Ghana

Buy the eyelash onesie here and the wave onesie here.

Organization: Indego Africa, Rwanda / Ghana.

Impact: Each onesie (USA-produced) is hand-embroidered by female artisans in Rwanda and Ghana, and all proceeds help fund educational training programs aimed to lift these women and their families out of poverty.

12. Classic leather billfold wallet: Ethiopia.

Buy it here for $48.

Organization: Parker Clay and Women At Risk, Ethiopia.

Impact: The wallet is made sustainably from Ethiopian leather by local artisans and part of the profits go to Women At Risk, an NGO that provides counseling and job training to women so they can escape the commercial sex industry in Ethiopia's capital, Addis Ababa.

13. Cookie mix gift bundle: Denver, USA.

Buy the oatmeal chocolate chip and snickerdoodle mixes here for $13.95, or browse the entire gift collection — gluten-free options available.

Products are also sold at Sam's Club, Walmart, and from other retailers.

Organization: Women's Bean Project, Denver, USA.

Impact: Your purchase supports a transitional job program for unemployed and impoverished women in Denver. The program provides a paying job, skills training, and financial guidance to these women so they can find an entry-level job and support themselves and their families.

14. Felt ladybug baby booties: Kyrgyzstan

Global Goods Partners / Via

Buy them here for $28, made for 6-12 month olds only.

Organization: Silk Road Bazaar, Kyrgyzstan.

Impact: Profits from these booties provide a steady job and new economic opportunities for talented female Kyrgyz artisans, so they can escape poverty and build a better life for their families.

15. Hand-woven pinwheel coasters: Rwanda

The Little Market / Via

Buy them here for $6 each.

Organization: All Across Africa, Rwanda.

Impact: Purchasing these eco-friendly coasters supports female artisans in Rwanda by providing them with a fair wage job, a sustainable source of income, training, and education.

16. Beaded stretch bracelets: Kenya

Click here to buy the Amazonian serpent bracelet (pictured right) and click here to buy the Bezel sapphire bracelet (pictured left), for $27 each. Or browse the entire collection here.

Organization: Bird + Stone and Sisi Fund, Kenya.

Impact: 15% of profits will fund micro-loans and financial training for disadvantaged, widowed women in Kitale, Kenya. They help these marginalized women become entrepreneurs so they can gain financial independence and support their families.

17. Himalayan sea salt soaks: Chicago, USA

Available here in a variety of scents for $18 each.

Organization: Bright Endeavors, Chicago, USA

Impact: Your purchase helps employ young mothers in a transitional job program which provides secure employment, job skills, and guidance so these women can find a permanent career and rise out of poverty.

18. Woven compass charm bracelets: Cambodia.

The Brave Collection / Via

Buy them here in a variety of colors for $45 each, or in a set of four for $160.

Organization: The Brave Collection, Cambodia

Impact: Your purchase helps provide a safe, fair-wage job with health insurance and child education benefits to underprivileged Cambodian women. Plus, 10% of the profits go towards fighting human trafficking in Cambodia.

19. Unique textile bow ties: Kenya

Buy them here for $24 (adult size) or $15 (child size).

Organization: Willow Tree Roots, Kenya.

Impact: Each bow tie is made from traditional Kenyan Kitenge fabric and all of the proceeds go to the Willow Tree Roots Kenya project, which provides vulnerable women with artisan training, education, and financial skills so they can run a business on their own and support their families.

20. Hand-milled mint and chai soaps: Himalayas, India

Buy the set here for $18.

Organization: Raven + Lily, North India.

Impact: These soaps are eco-friendly and produced by women in the Himalayas of India. Your purchase helps Raven + Lily partner with female artisans, provide safe jobs with fair wages to over 1500 marginalized women in 9 countries.

21. Leather-strap tote bag: Rwanda

Buy the tote here for $45.

Organization: No.41, Rwanda.

Impact: Your purchase helps provide a stable job and sustainable source of income to a young female artisan, and also gives 73 school lunches to a secondary student in Gisenyi, Rwanda. No.41 works with over 20 women so they can become self-sufficient and give back to their community through a school feeding program.

22. Alpaca wool beanie and mittens: Peru

Manuela Ramos / The Little Market / Via

Buy the beanie here and the mittens here for $40 each.

Organization: Manuela Ramos, Peru.

Impact: The beanie and mittens are handwoven with Peruvian alpaca wool by female artisans. Your purchase helps provide fair-paying jobs and resources to women in Peru’s poor and rural areas.

23. Striped multipurpose pouch: Guatemala

Buy it here for $32 or shop the entire collection.

Organization: Mayan Hands, Guatemala

Impact: Your purchase helps provide a weaving job to one of 200 women in Guatemala, who use a traditional Guatemalan backstrap loom technique to create modern products and earn an income to support their families.

Buy it here for $10 or browse the entire collection.

Organization: Me to We, Kenya.

Impact: When you purchase this Rafiki bracelet, you help Me to We provide financial tools to women in Kenya so they can start their own business, earn a good income, and save money for their families and their future.

25. A pair of long-lasting flip flops: Afghanistan.

Flip flops are available here in a variety of styles and colors, in both men's and women's sizes starting from $24.99.

Organization: Combat Flip Flops and Aid Afghanistan for Education (AAE)
, Afghanistan.

Impact: Your purchase puts an Afghan girl into secondary school for one day through Aid Afghanistan for Education, which has created 13 schools in 9 conflict-torn provinces which teach over 3,000 Afghani girls.

26. Wax-print cotton bracelets: Mozambique

Buy them here for $25 each in a variety of patterns and styles.

Organization: Kurandza, Mozambique.

Impact: Profits help fund development projects and allow women, the majority of whom are HIV positive, to work for fair wages which can pay for transport to the hospital, food, and school supplies for their children.

27. Screen-printed apron: Zambia

Available here in a variety of patterns and colors for $32.

Organization: Dsenyo, Zambia.

Impact: Each apron is ethically-produced by a female artisan. Your purchase helps Dsenyo partner with a community in Zambia and enable women to become empowered through artisanship, driving social and economic change.

28. Paper bead drop earrings: Uganda, Dallas


Available here in a variety of colors for $25.

Organization: Akola, Uganda / Dallas, USA.

Impact: Your purchase helps provide a fair-wage job to one of the 400 women Akola employs in Uganda and Dallas, and all the proceeds are re-invested in social empowerment programs.

29. Knitted infinity scarf: Peru

Krochet Kids / Via

Available here in a variety of colors for $48.

Organization: Krochet Kids, Peru

Impact: Purchasing this alpaca wool blend scarf helps provide a steady job to vulnerable women in poor areas of Lima, Peru, so they can rise out of poverty and save money to support their families.

30. Recycled sari makeup bags: India

Sari Bari / Via

Available here in small or large in a variety of patterns starting from $14.

Organization: Sari Bari, India

Impact: Your purchase helps provide a safe, fair-wage job to women in Kolkata, India who've been exploited by the sex trade or live in an area where they're vulnerable to sex trafficking.

31. Hand-knit teddy bear: Peru

Buy it here for $26.

Organization: Naguska, Peru.

Impact: Your purchase helps employ women knitters in the Andean highlands of Peru, and allows Naguska to provide training and support programs to they can increase their production and support their livelihood.

32. Bright spot jewelry roll: Vietnam

Global Girlfriend / Via

Buy it here for $14.

Organization: Craftbeauty, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Impact: Proceeds provide a safe job that pays nearly double the national minimum wage, craft skills, and a sustainable income to disabled or marginalized women in Hanoi, Vietnam.

33. Starburst-pattern grass basket: Swaziland

Global Goods Partners / Via

Buy it here for $30.

Organization: Gone Rural, Swaziland.

Impact: Your purchase helps employ a female artisan in Swaziland with a stable job so she can support her family. Gone Rural helps over 450 Swazi women earn a living in a region where extreme poverty and HIV/AIDs limits opportunities.

34. Citrus and vanilla roll-on perfume: Multiple countries.

Instagram: @givescent / Via

Buy it here for $49, or browse all the scents here.

Organization: GIVESCENT, Women for Women International.

Impact: Each bottle purchased equals $2.45 donated to Women for Women International, which has supported over 429,000 female survivors of war by giving them the resources and tools to escape poverty.