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23 Majestically Beautiful Pieces Of Science Jewelry

Pretty, subtle, and delightfully weird.

1. Serotonin Molecule Necklace

For everyone who likes to stay calm. Available here in a variety of metals and chain lengths starting from $36.

2. Lunar Orbit Earrings

Buy them here for $19.99 from ThinkGeek.

3. Bill Nye Stamped Cuff

4. Tiny DNA Ring

5. Carved Wood Solar System Necklace

Buy it here in walnut or cherry wood for $17.95.

6. Moss Specimen Necklace

7. Fossil Necklace

8. Microscope Necklace

9. Charles Darwin "On The Origin Of Species" Cuff

10. Heartbeat Necklace

11. Lichen Terannium Resin Ring

Buy it here for $26.

12. Mitochondrion Locket Necklace

Available here in two chain lengths for $34.99.

13. Human Femur Bone Ring

Available here in a variety of metals and materials starting from $19.95.

14. Gold Neuron Necklace

15. Higgs Field Earrings

16. Silver Carbon Atom Necklace

Buy it here for $35.

17. Moon Phase Bracelet

For all the lunar lovers out there. Buy it here for $45 from I Love Science store.

18. Seratonin Molecule Pin Earrings

Available here for $15.

19. Solar Spectrum Translucent Locket

Hold it up to the sunlight to see all the colors. Available here for $39.99

20. Acetylcholine Pendant Necklace

21. Personalized Periodic Table Cufflinks

22. Caffeine Molecule Earrings

23. Solar System Stacked Ring Set