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Updated on Sep 1, 2020. Posted on Apr 22, 2016

23 Majestically Beautiful Pieces Of Science Jewelry

Pretty, subtle, and delightfully weird.

1. Serotonin Molecule Necklace

For everyone who likes to stay calm. Available here in a variety of metals and chain lengths starting from $36.

2. Lunar Orbit Earrings

Buy them here for $19.99 from ThinkGeek.

3. Bill Nye Stamped Cuff

Neonbison on / Via

Buy it here for $15 on Etsy.

4. Tiny DNA Ring

Handmade Silver Works on / Via

Available here in sterling silver and gold for a variety of sizes, starting from $34.

5. Carved Wood Solar System Necklace

Buy it here in walnut or cherry wood for $17.95.

6. Moss Specimen Necklace

Moss of The Woods on / Via

Buy it here in a variety of chain lengths for $15.

7. Fossil Necklace

BijouxMalou / Via

You are basically wearing something older than dinosaurs. Buy it here in a variety of fossil types starting from $16.

8. Microscope Necklace

Boutique Academia / Via

Available here for $18.99 with either a modern or vintage style microscope charm.

9. Charles Darwin "On The Origin Of Species" Cuff

Jezebel Charms on / Via

Carry evolutionary theory on your wrist. Buy it here for $40.

10. Heartbeat Necklace

Boutique Academia / Via

Buy it here for $18.99 in silver, black, or gold.

11. Lichen Terannium Resin Ring

Buy it here for $26.

12. Mitochondrion Locket Necklace

Available here in two chain lengths for $34.99.

13. Human Femur Bone Ring

Available here in a variety of metals and materials starting from $19.95.

14. Gold Neuron Necklace

Delftia on / Via

Buy it here for $55.

15. Higgs Field Earrings

Dark Matter Jewelry on / Via

They're nebular! Buy them here for $12.50.

16. Silver Carbon Atom Necklace

Buy it here for $35.

17. Moon Phase Bracelet

For all the lunar lovers out there. Buy it here for $45 from I Love Science store.

18. Seratonin Molecule Pin Earrings

Available here for $15.

19. Solar Spectrum Translucent Locket

Hold it up to the sunlight to see all the colors. Available here for $39.99

20. Acetylcholine Pendant Necklace

Boutique Academia / Via

Buy it here for $18.99. Also available with serotonin and dopamine pendants.

21. Personalized Periodic Table Cufflinks

The Silver Diva on Etsy / Via

Buy them here for $40.

22. Caffeine Molecule Earrings

sciencestuff on Etsy / Via

For coffee lovers too. Buy them here for $18.

23. Solar System Stacked Ring Set

yugentribe on Etsy / Via

This is for serious galaxy-lovers only. Buy it here for $295.