Here's Why You Shouldn't Buy The Morning-After Pill On Amazon

    Emergency contraception for half the price and 2-day shipping, with one catch: possibly getting pregnant.

    Apparently it's possible to buy the morning-after pill on Amazon. But it might not be the same as what you'd find at your pharmacy.

    It turns out, there are a lot of questionable vendors on Amazon selling versions of the morning-after pill for much cheaper than retailers like CVS, Walgreens, and Target.

    Buying potentially expired emergency contraception from unverified online retailers isn't a good idea. For starters, you might get pregnant.

    And if you're buying it because you need it for unprotected sex that JUST HAPPENED, you should buy it at the store so you can take it as soon as possible.

    FYI: The morning-after pill is a form of emergency contraception that can prevent pregnancy when taken after unprotected sex, and it's available over the counter.

    You can find the morning-after pill at most pharmacies and grocery stories. There is no prescription or proof of age required.

    There's nothing wrong with stocking your medicine cabinet with an emergency pack, but Dweck recommends buying it from an actual pharmacy and taking note of the expiration date.

    If cost or convenience is an issue, you have other options.

    You can:

    * Find a coupon and nearby stores that carry the product on the website for Plan B.

    * Call your local pharmacies and ask about the price and availability of generic emergency contraception options.

    * Call your doctor and ask for help. They may be able to write you a prescription, which could get you the pill at low or no cost (depending on your insurance).

    * Call your local Planned Parenthood health center or community clinic to see if you can get the pill at low or no cost, and without giving insurance information (if you're uninsured or on your parents' plan and want to be discreet).

    * Check Seamless and other third-party delivery services (if they're available in your area) to see if any stores will deliver it to you. This probably won't bring down the cost (it might even be more expensive), but you might be able to get it delivered same-day. (P.S. I tried this and it really works.)

    * Ask your doctor about a method that's more reliable and more affordable.

    "If you're taking the morning-after pill frequently, you might want to choose a more reliable, effective form of birth control," Dweck said.