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A Man Snapchatted The Most Painful-Looking Calf Cramp Ever

Thought your nightmare charley horses were bad? NOPE.

YouTube user Andre B. from Australia uploaded this Snapchat from a friend, whose calf cramp was so extreme you can literally see the muscle moving under his skin.

The muscular horror scene is starting to go viral after being posted on Reddit.

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In case it was moving too quickly for you...

The video was uploaded to Reddit by user dogzfan, where it made the front page of r/videos and received over 2,000 comments from grossed-out and mesmerized viewers.

"I was resting at home straight after exercise when suddenly my calf locked up two times, then I managed to record the last one only," he said in an email.

Buzzfeed Life reached out to Dr. Harry Pino, an exercise physiologist at the Performance Center of NYU Langone's Center for Musculoskeletal Care, to see what's really going on here.

Though he said that "muscle cramping, specifically of the calf muscle, is not fully understood," he added that there are two general types of cramps caused by certain behaviors:

Cramps are usually caused by either muscle fatigue or electrolyte deficiency.

What should you do if you feel a calf cramp coming on?

And here's how to prevent getting one in the future: