21 Prescriptions That Will Fix Everything That's Wrong With Your Life

    Because insurance should cover the cost of adding guacamole.

    1. For when you make the mistake of Facebook-stalking your ex.

    2. For when you have zero energy for life, let alone the gym.

    3. For when your haircut went so wrong that they fired the stylist.

    4. For when you get set up and the date goes so wrong that you have to re-evaluate your friend choices.

    5. For when you finish OITNB and have to wait 53 years before it's back.

    6. For when you drop your smartphone and it actually cracks.

    7. For when PMS cramps hit you a little too hard.

    8. For when you forget to water your house plants and they all die.

    9. For when you wake up and realize you drunk-texted your ex.

    10. For when you finally start working out and feel hungry AF all the time.

    11. For when you're halfway through a workout class and realize you're sweating out Pinot Grigio.

    12. For when you accidentally like someone's Instagram from 72 weeks ago.

    13. For when the ASPCA commercial comes on and you weren't ready.

    14. For when you and your BFF show up to the bar looking flawless and it's empty.

    15. For when you have 500 unread emails.

    16. For when your date lets it slip that their ex is a supermodel.

    17. For when you fall asleep with a snack and wake up with it stuck to you.

    18. For when you're plagued with existential dread.

    19. For when someone ghosts on you after three whole months.

    20. For when you realize you spent all day with your shirt inside out.

    21. For when you decide to read the comments.