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Here's The Most Disgusting Habit You're Probably Guilty Of


It's basically a norm now to bring your smartphone to the bathroom.

But if you think about it, using a phone on the toilet is probably the most unsanitary you can do.

Toilets (especially public ones) are covered in germs, bacteria, and fecal matter...so, poop.

There's also aerosolized dirty toilet water EVERYWHERE, including that toilet paper holder everyone rests their phone on.

These germs can transmit norovirus, salmonella, E. coli, and other diarrheal illnesses — which is why we wash our hands.

And your smartphone is basically an extension of your hands, but it doesn't get washed.

So it's best to part with your smartphone for five minutes and use the bathroom for its intended purpose.

Also, let us not forget HOW 99% OF PHONE DEATHS HAPPEN.*

But if you can't go to the bathroom without it, you should try to sanitize your phone as often as possible.