Here's What You Should Know Before Using Pore Strips

    They're incredibly satisfying — but do they actually help your skin?

    If you've ever used pore strips, you know how gross and satisfying they feel.

    I mean, come on — look at all that gunk!

    But what do pore strips actually do to your skin? And is this helping or maybe hurting?

    While pore strips do remove a good deal of dirt, oil, and dead skin, they only pull off a very superficial layer — so they don't truly clean your pores.

    They won't reduce pore size or prevent you from developing blackheads, either. So they aren't beneficial in the long term.

    You'll need to use other products — like chemical peels or retinoids — to really clean your pores and prevent nose blackheads and breakouts in the future.

    That being said, pore strips probably won't harm you or cause serious damage, like ripping off a layer of skin or breaking capillaries.

    But they can cause irritation if you use them too frequently, or have sensitive and allergy-prone skin.

    So if you do use pore strips, make sure you do so responsibly. Don't use them more than once a week, follow the directions, don't leave them on for too long, and rinse your face thoroughly afterwards.

    TL;DR: Pore strips don't sufficiently clean your nose pores and you'll need other products to do the job, but they probably aren't gonna harm you, either.

    Watch Nagler break it all down in the video below!

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