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    23 Things People With Perfect Teeth Will Never Understand

    Palate expanders were actually designed from medieval torture devices.

    1. The worst 45 seconds ever:

    Nickelodeon / Twitter: @SincerelyTumblr / Via Caroline Kee / BuzzFeed

    2. Making the actual hardest decision of your life:

    3. And then being stuck for two months with some impulsive holiday theme in your mouth:

    4. Waking up the day you have to get your braces tightened:

    5. Then trying to eat the next week:

    Nickelodeon / Via Twitter: @crystalxrivera

    6. Having to actually wear this to sleep every night:

    7. This evil device that your parents had to forcibly crank with a tiny key every week.

    Instagram: @strawburry_punk23 / Via

    No seriously, fuck this thing.

    8. Trying to find a purpose for this absolutely useless wax:

    9. Putting on fresh rubber bands before they've stretched out:

    10. And basically being able to "play guitar" with them when they were too tight:

    11. Finding these little shits everywhere:

    12. Getting to wear these super-fashionable shades:

    13. And staring into this light for 500 hours:

    14. Or this glowing blue light of doom:

    15. Wearing this plastic tent in your mouth that made your lips chapped AF:

    Caroline Kee / Via BuzzFeed

    16. Trying to stay still while sharp, dangerous tools were in your mouth:

    17. Somehow breaking and/or losing this immediately after the orthodontist made it for you:

    Instagram: @ortodonti.giraylar / Via

    Don't forget the storm of rage from your mom during the car ride home after the orthodontist told you how much it costs to replace.

    18. Cringing at every picture of you from age 11 to 14:

    19. Really missing these:

    20. And these:

    21. And this was just out of the question:

    Instagram: @lighttarifler / Via

    Unless you wanted to be picking kernels out of the wires for 4 days.

    22. Showing the entire world when you get your braces off:

    23. And still needing this permanent retainer bullshit after all you went through:

    We went through it all, fam.

    Dreamworks SKG / Via

    P.S. GO SAY THANK YOU RIGHT NOW to your parents if they picked up your orthodontics tab because that Medieval torture is also expensive AF.

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