23 Inside Jokes You'll Only Get If You Can't Sleep

    50 shades of dark circles under my eyes.

    1. This constant struggle.

    2. Staying awake because of completely irrational fears.

    3. This nightly routine.

    4. The endless game of too hot/too cold with the covers.

    5. And the struggle to find a sleeping position that's a compromise.

    6. Knowing that all this does is give you crazy ass nightmares during the few hours you actually sleep.

    7. And that you basically have to drink half the bottle in order to feel anything.

    8. Being exhausted =/= falling asleep instantly.

    9. Every single noise could maybe possibly be the Babadook.

    10. And any random thought is enough to keep you up all night.

    11. Trying everything and anything to knock yourself out.

    12. Thinking you'll obviously fall right asleep when you're drunk AF, but still lying awake for like four hours.

    13. Looking actually dead when you do fall asleep.

    14. Waking up two hours before your alarm and NEVER being able to fall back asleep.

    15. Or actually waking up to your alarm like this.

    16. Trying to cover up the evidence on your face.

    17. Attempting to eat breakfast after a sleepless night.

    18. And then running the marathon that is your morning commute.

    19. Coming up with genius ways to catch up on sleep during the day.

    20. Having to interact with people when you can count the number of hours you slept on one hand.

    21. Not being able to nap the way other people nap.

    22. That point where you just literally give up on trying to sleep altogether.

    23. And the sweet, sweet satisfaction of never being the friend who falls asleep first.