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OMB Turns 8 & I Celebrate My First Time There!

Olde Mecklenburg Brewery partied down all day to celebrate turning eight. I talk about my experience there, the atmosphere, and of course the food and beer!

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My Experience There

Well, first and foremost I feel like a terrible Charlotte-teer because this was my first time being at the OMB. Hello, Charlotte's oldest brewery and I haven't been there?! I think going on their 8th anniversary was a perfect way to soak up all OMB had to offer. I had a great time, it was jam-packed, people every where. Dogs all over the place. Families there with their kids. College kids there for cheap beer and a good time. And the older folk there because they can actually taste the difference between and IPA and a Stella. The eclectic group of people just goes to show that OMB has just the right setting for anyone.

The Atmosphere

The atmosphere was so amazing there were bands playing in the background and huge outdoor seating area and when I say huge I mean ginormous. There are big bay windows that look into the brewery itself. The best part, there was an outside bar! No need to lose out on sunshine by having to go to a bar inside. Also all the different seating arrangement were amazing to choose from and really initiated interaction and talking with neighbors. There were tables with umbrellas, tables with no umbrellas, seats around a fire pit, and then picnic tables it was fabulous.

The Food & Beer

The best part, there was eight beers being poured at all times at the outdoor bar, not a long weight time at all! Then there were outside tents to get food as well, not to mention they had a whole separate line for if you just wanted a pretzel! I had a pretzel with beer cheese and it was a perfect touch with my beer. My boyfriend had the brats with mustard, a roll and fries. He loved it. I had the beer called Southside it was pale and really light in the hoppy flavor. My boyfriend had the german pale ale and he loved it, it was defiantly more hoppy than my beer. (gross)

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