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    9 Totally Underrated Monica Geller Fashion Moments

    Rachel was known as the fashion queen on "Friends", but that doesn't mean we didn't notice when Monica's outfits totally slayed!!! Could she BE any cuter?! (see proof below)

    1. This ripped jeans, tank top and sneakers pairing

    2. This red hot top with a high neckline and looooow plunge

    3. This simple black top and high-wasted jeans look

    4. This matching sweater and shorts set

    5. This sexy dress for Ross' wedding

    6. This white t-shirt and suspenders combo

    7. This tied-up white blouse

    8. This tee and slip dress layering

    9. This all black stunner

    Bottom line... Monica Geller was a total QUEEN

    and she definitely didn't get enough credit for it!

    Keep on slaying, Mon!