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Thoughts Brought On By The One Direction NBC TV Special

I settled onto my air mattress and plugged in my headphones to drown out the babies that were sure to be crying because they were forced into taking naps, and was ready to go. I logged onto and thanked God that NBC was on my side and put up this special a day after the fact. So here is a list of my compiled thoughts, in order from start to finish.

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Oh I love it when they introduce them like this, reminds me of This is Us

(side-note I should watch that later)

Steal my Girl, ready

Glad Zayn is there

Nice headband as well

That's a cool stage

I get it, 4, FOUR

I love it when Liam does his "Oh Yeahs"

His butt scarf is reaching new lengths

Maybe it's to sweep the ground after he walks

Kinda wishing I was a butt scarf now

Oh Harry I don't know what you were just doing but your smile blinded me

Some girl has a sign that says "it's cold" um excuse me you could give me your ticket

Oh Harry's solo, moment of silence please

Zayn's high note. Whoa

1D FOUR Ever –clever fan in the audience, clever

South America portion, interested to know what they did other than smoke pot

Probably good they didn't have Zayn or Louis remembering Lima…though the pot might've helped them forget that part of the trip

Liam is very confused as to where he is, is HE high?

Harry holding that Argentina flag…reminds me of his short hair days tear

Liam likes the surprise of where he's going…pretty sure it doesn't have to be a surprise

Hello Shirtless Niall playing Ping-Pong

Harry you are just as confused as the rest of us, but we are probably more excited

Don't forget where you belong warm up...kill me

Harry and the cross in his mouth, yes

Cool job might be an understatement Liam

Bra flying in slow motion towards Harry, great

Oh that water spitting was good, slow motion, better

Oh it's Harry's turn to talk yes

WMYB…I'm a little over it tbh

Am I still a Directioner? I'll say yes

Narry dances make it okay

Well if Liam blew a kiss at me I'd be done

But he did look at me that one time at the concert so that counts right?

Harry doesn't have to hold his pants this time, refreshing

Liam interview on a coaster...okay

Zayn doesn't like roller coasters, cute and annoying at the same time

Full Names okay rewind

Rewound and their names were just as beautiful the second time

If Harry's not a massive roller coaster guy, I'll hold his hand

Wait how did Niall know Harry's first word was cat?

Ironic considering his comment on X Factor

Glad you know your batman stuff Harry

Liam might've unhooked your restraints if you hadn't

Niall a little frazzled about leap years

Louis very enthusiastic about Grease

And Harry as enthusiastic about euros

Niall seriously you don't know who wrote Little Things?

Liam and Harry screaming is beautiful

36+6=38? Okay Louis

Aww Harry hates Roller coasters, my hand holding offer still stands

Niall's hair looks untouched and Louis looks like he stood in a wind


I've been promised a Girl Almighty performance, I'll wait patiently

Oh they're surprising fans

I wouldn't be able to focus on the ride if I saw Louis before

Niall at a candy store…whoa

Girlfriend sank to the ground…same

Asking them why they were standing so far away…to the girls wearing shirts with Mrs. Horan written on them

Liam and Harry promising to be in my cinema in 7 seconds…I'd die

Movie theatre security couldn't hold me back

Harry's eyes were just described as Blue Wonder, true

Girl Almighty, alright

Yeah you can continue to zoom in on Harry and Liam's faces, thank you

I'd get down on my knees for you too boys don't worry

Yeah Harry telling the fans to sing that part, I see what you're doing

I think having these five boys telling me they'd get down on their knees for me all at the same time would cause me to faint or at least have a stroke

Halfway through and there's a commercial break, I'm a fan so far

Harry is SOO happy to see South America

The fans are equally as happy

If people were hitting my window I'd be frightened so frightened

"Going outside and being out in the open is a treat" sounds like a prison Liam

South American fans=crazy

Smuggled out in a bread van...crafty

"I used to be a baker so I am used to being in the back of a bread van" Nice Harry

Zayn likes the dark of the van…okay

Harry why are you wearing sunglasses in the dark?

This girl at Christ the redeemer is so shocked

They all look so happy and I just can't

If Louis asked me where I was from my immediate answer would be


Truly fearless hugging those girls Louis…they are scary

Night Changes, alright (Said in Steal My Girl voice)

Realizing this was the first time they performed this song live, giving me feels

Liam is swoon worthy have I said that already? Cause he is

I don't know what Harry was smirking at but he could smirk like that all the

time and I wouldn't complain

This might be the first time Louis hasn't made a weird face when he sang and

I loved it

Harry alright maybe don't dance. I love you…but don't. Just bask in your hair, that's what I'm doing

Zayn solo, I'm probably not prepared

I've said nothing about Niall but he's perfect and playing the guitar so I can't form coherent thoughts

Recording process okay

Niall's giggle, oh my gawd

John Ryan…hello. Where have you been?

Change your Ticket is my favorite…the fact that Niall wrote that makes me die

Harry recording…holy mother. There are no other words, yeah Julian make him smile like that again plz

Zayn is into wiritng now, I don't think my body is ready

Midnight memories written about KFC…okay I can get on board with that

Niall…please never put clothes back on

Sing me Steal My Girl like that

Zayn plz never stop smiling

Too much going on in this 30 seconds to comprehend

Yes John Ryan, I would also call it magic

I don't actually know that I'm ready for this hour of my life to be over

Harry just thanked me personally for watching at home. You're welcome

Best Song Ever

Harry Spitting, Liam Dancing, Niall guitar playing and making sexy faces

There are Louis and his faces…I'll accept them this time

Zayn high pitched talking…yes

Liam's legs look detached from his body when he does his dance

Niall thrusting…wasn't ready for that

Zayn's note again..ded

Harry's note too…my fave

Zayn, stop…I feel victimized now. Raise your hand if you've ever felt victimized by one of his high notes…don't lie

Playing BSE in the credits…also reminiscent of This is Us which reminds me again, I should watch

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