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The 5 Stages Of One Direction Addiction

It's the dancing, no it's the accents, no it's....EVERYTHING ABOUT THEM

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1. Experimentation

We've all been there. You're listening to the radio and suddenly a catchy songs comes blasting through the speakers molesting your ears in the best way possible. You wish you could drink the song. Who is this band? One Direction? You've never heard of them.

But you play it cool at first

Eh I really like the tune of song. Their sound is kind of fun, but it's not a big deal. I could live without it. What do they even look like? They're British, you say?

So you check out their other music

Might as well buy the album. You like MOST of the songs.

2. Regular Use

Listening to them becomes a part of your routine...just like eating. You bought their album, might as well get your money's worth. Plus, the songs are catchy, the tunes are upbeat, it's fun to sing to. You don't have a problem, you're sure of it. You would know if you did.

Then you look them up ( purely for research purposes)

I'll be your kryptonite if you give me that one thing

Words ain't good enough Louis, they ain't good enough.

Why smile at the ground when you could smile at me?

Baby let me kiss you. Seriously please let me kiss you.

I would love to see your (not so) little thing


3. Risky Use

You've entered into dangerous territory. You've watched all of their videos, bought all of their music, purchased merchandise, and maybe, if you're lucky, a concert ticket. You love them.

But you could stop, if you wanted.

Seriously, you're not THAT obsessed

You could turn this song off ANYTIME YOU WANT

But you begin to relate everything back to One Direction

"Remember that cat you had in first grade? Zayn has one that looks exactly like it!"

"Oh, you like America? Harry has an America headband"

"You don't have any tattoos just like Niall"

"Let's go play soccer, Louis just bought his own team ya know."

"You want some soup? I wonder how Liam eats it, if he's afraid of spoons?"

You. Can't. Stop.

4. Dependence

You no longer listen to their songs because you want you. You listen because you NEED to. Have you noticed Zayn's riff in You & I? Have you heard Harry's solo in Through The Dark? You know that one word that Liam sings at a different pitch? Heavenly.

Even their lack of traditional boy-band dancing seems endearing

You do you, Harry

Hips don't lie, Zayn. Hips don't lie

LOL Niall you're so carefree

Show em, Louis

I think I see where you're going with this Liam

All together now!

5. Addiction

Everything they do is perfect. They are Better Than Words. And you'd just love to stay Up All Night making Midnight Memories with them. People try to reign you in, but why? Why would you ever want to stray from the perfection that is One Direction?

Haters Gonna Hate

You embrace your addiction

You're over here like



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