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22 Times That Selena Gomez Proved That She Was Literal Perfection

It's only right to honor perfection on their birthday. Happy 22 Selena!

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1. When she cried over her fans

Literally, she cried about how much she loves them

2. When she let loose at a B. Spears concert

Oops...she did it again

3. When she and her friends made that Call Me Maybe video

If you haven't seen're missing out

4. When she admitted she was a fan girl too

She gets it. She's just. Like. Us.

5. When she admitted she was a Zayn girl

We get it Selena

We get it.

6. When she admitted she was hungover

Live to party Selena

7. When she and Taylor proved they might be the best BFF duo ever

8. Except for Demi and Selena obviously



9. Her impromptu dancing videos


10. Or her non-impromptu dancing

11. And even this video

Just made us love you more Selena

12. When she shared Baylor with the world


13. When she released Birthday

She released it ON her 21st birthday for her fans. She's so giving

14. When she became a UNICEF Ambassador

15. And again

16. When she starred on the only relevant "new" Disney show

Wizards of Waverly Place was the best. End of story.

17. When she expressed her love of food

Girl's gotta eat

18. When she talked about Girl Power

And even complimented Lorde

19. When she believed in us

20. When she had the coolest friends ever

Who wouldn't want to be friends with Sel

Who wouldn't want to be friends with Sel

21. And they danced to WMYB

22. And finally when she reminded us to "Love Yourself First"


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