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Thoughts Brought On By The One Direction NBC TV Special

I settled onto my air mattress and plugged in my headphones to drown out the babies that were sure to be crying because they were forced into taking naps, and was ready to go. I logged onto and thanked God that NBC was on my side and put up this special a day after the fact. So here is a list of my compiled thoughts, in order from start to finish.

carolinegracee 4 years ago

22 Times That Selena Gomez Proved That She Was Literal Perfection

It's only right to honor perfection on their birthday. Happy 22 Selena!

carolinegracee 5 years ago

The 5 Stages Of One Direction Addiction

It's the dancing, no it's the accents, no it's....EVERYTHING ABOUT THEM

carolinegracee 5 years ago

21 Times You Realized Katy Perry's Prismatic World Tour Is The Most Perfect Thing You'll See This Summer

Well #1 it's Katy Perry, but if you must be convinced then keep reading.

carolinegracee 5 years ago