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    Upgrade A Room With Simple DIY Twine Orbs

    Twine it up.

    BuzzFeed's Nifty has the perfect DIY to spruce up a room: Twine orbs on twine orbs.

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    Here's what you'll need:

    * Natural twine

    * Punching ball balloons

    * Wood glue

    * Small plastic cups (for wood glue)

    * Plastic bowl


    Blow up the balloon to the desired size. Place it on a bowl you don't mind getting a bit messy. Cut some twine into approximately 4 foot strips. (This makes the string easier to work with!)

    Pour some wood glue into a disposable cup. Dip the pieces into the glue one at a time. Squeeze off the excess glue, and wrap it around the balloon. Press the ends onto the balloon surface with a tiny dab more of glue so they stick securely. Continue wrapping pieces one at a time at even spaces from one another. Try to hide the ends by placing them against other strings.

    Once the twine covers the balloon with only about one inch spaces between most strings, take the rubber band attached to the punching balloon, and hang it up to dry overnight.

    The Orb will become extremely hard and durable! Pop the balloon, and pull the pieces out through the cracks. You may have some extra glue chips between some of the strings. These can be cracked off, or sanded off.

    Attach some string or wire to the top of the orb, and hang it up as a decoration in your home, garden, or special occasion!

    Enjoy your twine orbs!

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