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    Turn Old Tires Into Colorful Outdoors Storage Seats

    Fix that flat into a comfy chair.

    Store more in these outdoor seats!


    Old tire

    200 ft / 60 m of rope

    Hot glue

    Industrial strength glue

    2 wooden circles (17 in / 43 cm, and 15 in / 38cm)

    Foam of desired thickness

    Outdoor furniture fabric

    Staple gun



    # Wash tire thoroughly with how soapy water.

    # Start hot gluing the rope to the top rim of the tire, and coil it down to completely cover the surface.

    # Flip the tire over, and use industrial strength glue to attach the larger wooden board to the bottom.

    # Let dry overnight.

    # In the meantime, create the top cushion by cutting the piece of foam to size, and glueing to the smaller piece of wood.

    # Secure the outdoor fabric to the wood piece by stapling a small section at a time around the edges. Trim the excess fabric.

    # If desired, create a “tufting” effect on the cushion surface with your staple gun by creating an “X” with staples, and covering it with a button.

    # Your tire seat is now complete, and is great for storing backyard toys, gardening tools, or pool supplies! Enjoy!

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