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    Updated on Jan 29, 2019. Posted on Jul 13, 2017

    This DIY AC Unit Is The Best $20 Your Will Spend This Summer

    You: 1. Heatwave: 0.

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    Watch how to make it here:

    Nifty / Via Facebook: 1679616822293043


    Small electric fan

    5 gallon bucket

    Medium-sized bowl



    Permanent marker

    Box cutter

    3 2-inch wide, 6-inch long pieces of PVC pipe


    Hole saw drill bit


    Orange spray paint

    Black spray paint


    1.Drill three holes in the side of your bucket (the center hole being slightly lower).

    2.Paint two pieces of PVC pipe black, and one orange. Let dry. Push the PVC pipe pieces into the holes. (The orange should go in the center hole, like a snowman!)

    3.Draw some large dots with a permanent marker to resemble a smile underneath.

    4.Trace the face of the fan onto the lid of your bucket. Cut the center of the lid out with a box cutter. 

    5.Place some ice into a bowl, and sprinkle some salt over top. 

    6.Place the bowl of ice into the bucket and place the fan face down in the hole in the lid.

    7.Turn the fan on. The ice melting causes the warm air to cool in a process known as “evaporative cooling.”

    8.Enjoy some relief from the heat!

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