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    6 Unexpected Uses for Those Baggies of Silica Beads From Your New Shoes

    They aren't the worthless, hazardous pieces of crap that you thought they were.

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    Emily Shwake / BuzzFeed / Nifty

    Despite the warning labels that come on silica gel packets, these babies are actually pretty useful for keeping things dry!

    BuzzFeed / Nifty

    If you don’t purchase new shoes often, you can order them online ($7.99). You can even reuse your old silica packets if they get damp: place them in the oven at 275ºF/135ºC on an aluminum foil-lined baking tray for about an hour to dry out.

    Here are a few ideas that will come in handy for months and months!

    1. Save your phone if it gets wet by sticking it in a baggie with a few packets.

    BuzzFeed / Nifty

    Don't waste your nice basmati rice on this annoying project: silica gel packets work much better.

    2. Tuck a packet in your salt to keep it from clumping up.

    BuzzFeed / Nifty

    3. Keep chips from going stale by taping it to the inside of the bag.

    BuzzFeed / Nifty

    A bunch of food—like jerky and Asian snacks—actually come with these inside.

    4. Store photos and other paper memorabilia with a packet to keep everything dry.

    BuzzFeed / Nifty

    5. Seal the packets with a damp swimsuit if you don't want it to reek when you take it out.

    BuzzFeed / Nifty

    This works with gym clothes as well.

    6. Line your dashboard with a few packets to keep the windshield from fogging up.

    BuzzFeed / Nifty

    Watch the video here.

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