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This Simple-Stitch Cape Will Keep You So Freaking Warm

Forget Edna's advice: Capes are awesome.

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You'll need to grab a few things from the local fabric store...

* About 4 yards of thick fabric (Fleece or felt are great)

* Box cutter or scissors

* Fabric glue

* Needle

* Thread

* Button

* Sewing machine (optional)


Completely unfold your fabric. It will look like a donut, but the inside circle might have some lumps.

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Yum. Donuts.

Fold a piece of leftover fabric in half. Trace the half-circle neckline (that's the small part of your donut from above) onto the edge of the fabric. Then freehand a second wider shape above it, so that you have a croissant-like outline.

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The ends of both of the lines you draw should come to a point (so, it doesn't matter whether you trace this onto the folded edge of your fabric, or not).


Sew or glue the edges of your collar together, leaving a one-to two-inch open, un-glued gap on the neckline's edge.

Line up the the neckline of your collar and the neckline of the big part of the cape, and stitch them together.

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You can use your sewing machine if you have one, but a needle and thread will do just fine.


Watch the full tutorial here.

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