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    This Simple-Stitch Cape Will Keep You So Freaking Warm

    Forget Edna's advice: Capes are awesome.

    Anyone that's watched Beauty and the Beast knows that the poshest way to brave the cold is in a cape.

    You'll need to grab a few things from the local fabric store...

    * About 4 yards of thick fabric (Fleece or felt are great)

    * Box cutter or scissors

    * Fabric glue

    * Needle

    * Thread

    * Button

    * Sewing machine (optional)

    First, you'll make the big and flowing part of your cape.

    Cut a string the length from your neck to your arm. Fold your fabric in half. With chalk tied to the end, use the string to draw a half circle on the doubled-up fabric. Cut it out.

    Fold the half circle over, point to point. You'll now have a quarter-circle that's four layers thick.

    Cut another 5-inch (12 cm) string, and use it to draw a circle at the corner. Cut that out.

    Completely unfold your fabric. It will look like a donut, but the inside circle might have some lumps.

    Fold your donut in half, then glue all of your edges together, including the edges on the inside of your donut.

    Now, you're going to make that cute AF collar.

    Fold a piece of leftover fabric in half. Trace the half-circle neckline (that's the small part of your donut from above) onto the edge of the fabric. Then freehand a second wider shape above it, so that you have a croissant-like outline.

    It should look like this:

    Sew or glue the edges of your collar together, leaving a one-to two-inch open, un-glued gap on the neckline's edge.

    Once the glue is dry, use that gap you left to flip the collar inside out. This gives your collar a neat seam.

    Line up the the neckline of your collar and the neckline of the big part of the cape, and stitch them together.

    Sew on a button.

    To make the buttonhole, cut through all layers of fabric (use a box cutter if you have one) and stitch around the hole.

    Throw on your cape and head on out.

    Let it keep you super cozy until you get home again.

    Watch the full tutorial here.

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