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    Save The Environment By Saving Your Bags In This Neat Grocery Bag Holder

    Now, if only you could find a way to attach the shopping list to your face, your grocery run would always go smoothly.


    * Boot shoebox

    * Box cutter

    * Masking tape

    * Ribbon

    * Wrapping paper

    * Construction paper

    * Glue stick

    * Stapler


    # Use a boxcutter to create an opening from the lid to the bottom of the shoebox. This will serve as the opening for you to easily slip in your old paper bags or reusable bags.

    # Draw out an inch-wide space for the bags to slip from on the opposite edge of the shoebox.

    # Draw a half-ellipse on top of that space. Cut out both.

    # Tape all the rough edges and the lid to the base.

    # Use wrapping paper, construction paper, and a glue stick to decorate.

    # Do the same on the bottom edge. In the center of that opening, draw and cut out a half circle.

    # Tape all edges, and tape the lid to the base of the box.

    # Wrap your box and decorate as you wish.

    # Staple a ribbon to the back of your box to mount to the back of the seat.

    Watch the full tutorial here.

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