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    Brighten Up Your Home With This Adorable Gumball Machine Planter

    Chew on this.

    What you need:

    *A small (red) pot with saucer or paint your own plain plater

    *A glass terrarium, or fish bowl

    *Desert plants like succulents or small cacti

    *Potting soil

    *Strong glue

    *Painters tape

    *Colorful glass gems (or decorative fillers)


    Turn the pot upside-down, and make a ring of glue on the base.

    Place the terrarium bowl on top. Squeeze a dime-sized amount of glue onto the center of the saucer, and place it on top of the glass terrarium. You will need tape to hold it in place until dry.

    After 24 hours, you can add a first layer of glass gems to the bottom. Add some potting soil, and then arrange your plants in the center. Add a little more soil until the roots are fully covered.

    Place more colorful gems around the plants. Water sparingly, and keep in bight, indirect light.

    Enjoy your colorful new planter!

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