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Making This Life-Changing Wine Caddy Will Be The Smartest Thing You've Done All Year

Do we really need the glasses? Yes? Ok...

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The return of your favorite TV shows has made for a wonderful excuse to bring wine nights back...


It's your turn to bring the wine and this caddy is just what you need to arrive in style. I feel like it would make more sense if the caddy held one cup and four bottles of wine but I don't judge your life choices.

You'll need a few things....

Block of 7x7-inch/18x18-centimeter wood

Straight edge


Hole saw drill bit

¾-inch drill bit

Electric hand saw

Sand paper

Wood stain (optional)


2. Use a hole saw drill bit to make a hole in the center.

4. Draw two lines on the sides of each hole.

5. Trace the lines with your hand saw to create a 1/3-inch gap.


Watch the full tutorial over a glass of vino here.

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