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Why The VS Fashion Show Should Have All Sizes

Obviously, the VS Fashion Show is loved by all and celebrates women and their bodies, but why does it have to be only one type of body?

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Every December, the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show has become a highly watched event all over the globe. They have models from all continents, visibly representing diversity and unity that cannot be matched. Every year brings a wave of viewers who love to watch but also feel guilty about themselves while watching.

Memes from all over the internet like this one emerge during this time of year. Is Victoria's Secret a corporation destined to make women feel terrible about their bodies? Is their ultimate goal for women to skip two meals a day or obsess over their mirror image? Methinks not. Victoria's Secret promotes beauty, confidence, talent, and sexiness. These qualities are not exclusive for girls who wear a size 0. What do we often see in the fashion show though? Women with rock hard abs, golden skin, slim legs and arms, and perfectly balanced hourglass shapes topped off with large breasts. Obviously there are going to be women who are blessed with these features, but it is important to celebrate more than one type of body. The beautiful thing about lingerie is that given the proper type, it can make a woman who is any size look beautiful and sexy.

Economically speaking, it would be a major win for Victoria's Secret if they began to employ models of varying sizes. The range of customers would easily expand tremendously and positive support from the community will inevitably emerge. Years back, when the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty came out, women from all over were inspired by the difference that a billboard could make. In terms of advertising, these women would be more relatable and could make a serious difference in the stigma we have towards modeling and the stigmas that are attached to women's bodies in general. Victoria's Secret should not be shamed for their models, but rather should keep in mind the positive impact that could result from this change and realistically speaking, the increase in income! Why not take a chance on varying body shapes and sizes?

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