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The Five Best Things About Living In New Haven

Because yes there are actually benefits to living in one of the most dangerous cities in the country.

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1. The Pizza

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If you've never had pizza in New Haven, you've never had pizza. Forget the gangs; there is no turf war quite like that of the pizza places here. You're either Team Pepe's, Sally's or Modern and you have definitely waited in a line 50 people deep just to get a slice of heaven. In their Top 15 Best Pizzas list, USA Today voted Pepe's famous White Clam Pie the best pizza in the country while Sally's and Modern took the 7th and 11th spots respectively *brushes off shoulder.*

--Also, special mention to Bar because mashed potato pizza.

2. Louis' Lunch

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That's right people, we also invented the hamburger and you're all welcome. While we're on the topic of food it's probably appropriate to mention that New Haven is home to the greatest American food in history, too. Back in 1900 someone waltzed into the quaint little building that now resides on Crown Street and asked for something he could eat on the go. This is when the incredible Louis Lassen made the brave choice to form a patty out of steak, stick it between two slices of bread, and leave Americans forever grateful.

--Don't ever, under any circumstances, ask for ketchup. Seriously.

3. Yale

StephenHB / Via Flickr: pleasantstreets

The pride and joy of New Haven, essentially. Everyone knows that out of all the Ivy League schools, Yale is the only one that matters. Just kidding! Not. Besides the fact that it provides arguably the best education you can receive, it is also home to some of the most beautiful gothic architecture in the country. Just walking through its wrought iron gates and cobblestone alleyways is awe-inspiring and makes you wish you tried harder in high school. PS: If you ever have the opportunity to check out the Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library be sure to get a look at the Gutenberg Bible. Yup, we have one.

--Your move, Harvard.

4. The Game

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Every other year Yale plays host to the most important college football game ever (okay it's not, but it's exciting to us.) 2014 will mark the 131st year Yale and Harvard have kept the tradition alive through "The Game." Although many don't make it into the Yale Bowl to actually watch it, everyone and their mother attends the tailgate. Literally, alumni everywhere. You'd think it would be a civilized scene of preppy Ivy Leaguers sipping mimosas and bundling up in Burberry scarves and you'd be correct. However, you'd be turning a blind eye to the absurd display of drunken "geniuses" jumping from Uhaul trucks and trashing fields with empty liquor bottles. Either way, it makes for a great time and reminds us that an Ivy League education can't buy you class.

--Yale hasn't won since 2006 but you didn't hear that from me.

5. The Location

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Placed directly between New York City and Boston, it is no wonder New Haven is one of the most desirable cities on the East Coast. But, as Connecticut doesn't have any professional sports teams, being caught in the middle also forces fans to choose between being a Yankees/Giants person or a Red Sox/Patriots person. We may complain about the cost of living but many of us forget all about it when we're able to take a two hour train ride north or south to escape it. Whether you go in for the day or a weekend you're able to get all the benefits of two major cities without the everyday hustle and bustle.

--Yankees/Giants > Red Sox/Patriots > Mets/Jets (ew)

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