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19 Tyler Oakley GIF Reactions For Everyday Situations

"Life tip number one: don't." — Tyler Oakley

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1. When you get the house to yourself for the weekend.

2. When you're trying to answer a question in class but your professor keeps talking.

3. When the pizza place tells you they deliver.

4. When someone uses their significant other for WCW/MCM three weeks in a row.

5. When someone asks how your semester is going.

6. When you leave the house in sweats and then run into your crush.

7. When you're watching a Real Housewives reunion episode.

8. When you try to look healthy for Instagram.

9. When you hear someone call their boyfriend "daddy."

10. When someone judges you for drinking before noon.

11. When you're 10 minutes into your workout.

12. When your friend wants to drunk dial their ex.

13. When your selfie gets a ton of likes.

14. When Chipotle says they're out of guacamole.

15. When you try on a "one size fits all" shirt.

16. When you failed your final but your professor curved it and let you pass.

17. When you run into someone from high school and they start talking about their sorority/fraternity.

18. When you're at a job interview and they ask what you like to do in your spare time.

19. When it's literally any time, ever.

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