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15 Things Every "Vampire Diaries" Fan Is Looking Forward To In Season Six

Because October 2nd cannot come soon enough. #SaveBamon

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1. Damon and Bonnie's fate

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Are they really gone? What happened to "the other side?" Are Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Bonnie (Kat Graham) going to come back? Could they possibly get together after being stuck, presumably, with just each other? Can't those witch twins do anything about it!? They can't just write them off like that and I mean no one is actually ever dead on this show, right? RIGHT?! #SaveBamon

2. Alaric

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Our beloved history teacher turned vampire hunter turned vampire (Matt Davis) has made his long overdue return. He's rumored to have a love interest named Jo (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe) who is a university doctor and brand new to the show. All we know is we're ready for the inevitable scene of him at the bar drinking alone mourning the loss of his bourbon buddy and hopeful for a Rick/Enzo bromance.

3. Elena's recovery

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From the promo it looks like Elena (Nina Dobrev) has started feeding on humans which raises the whole "did she shut off her humanity again" question. If so, can we expect red hair streaks again? It also seems that she's developed some sort of herbal-witch-hallucinogen drug problem as it's her only way to "see" Damon. It seems a little "Bella and Edward in New Moon" but it should make for some great crying scenes. And more Ian Somerhalder screen time, of course.

4. Matty Blue Eyes

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The Mystic Grill's favorite bartender and busboy (Zach Roerig) is back in season 6 to play his part as the token human blood bag and blonde eye candy. Although there hasn't been much said on his future storyline, there have been rumors he joins the police force in Mystic Falls. *Drools at the thought of him in a uniform*

5. Former Hybrid Tyler

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Going from the big bad wolf(/vamp) to a measly human probably won't sit well with the ever-pissed off Tyler (Michael Trevino) who comes and goes every other episode. Will he stick around for more than ten minutes this time? The most that's been revealed about him in season 6 is that he has anger issues. Shocker. But now it looks like his bark will actually be bigger than his bite. #WerewolfJokes

6. Enzo

The CW / Via

Our favorite Brit (Michael Malarky) is back from the dead and apparently ready to get cozy with Caroline. We're also wondering if him and Rick will become besties after they both lost their closest friend. Either way, here's hoping for more snarky comebacks in that delicious accent.

7. The end of the doppelgänger era

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I don't think anyone is disappointed to see this chapter come to an end. As fun as it was to watch Nina Dobrev slay as Katherine and see double the amount of Paul Wesley when he played Silas; the storyline has just ran its course. Still hoping to see if that whole "doppelgänger destiny" thing is true though! #StelenaForever

8. Jeremy

The CW / Via

As evidenced in season 1, Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) doesn't handle loss well. It's going to be especially interesting to see how he copes with Bonnie's death this time around being that Elena is too emotionally unstable herself to be there for him. You'd think for someone whose died like a thousand times already that he'd be a seasoned veteran at this sort of thing. Either way the promo shows a lot of bourbon drinking; no one is surprised.

9. The Witch Twins

The CW / Via

It's not so much that I'm looking forward to seeing them as much as I'm looking forward to hopefully seeing them bring back Bonnie and Damon. After Liv (Penelope Mitchell) and Luke (Chris Brochu) ruined the spell (and all of our lives) they owe it to all of us to make it right. Bonus points to Elena who is seen getting super aggressive and scary towards Luke in the promo. You go, girl.

10. Present day Mystic Falls

The CW / Via

Now that those creepy travelers have rid Mystic Falls of "spirit magic" all that remains within the town are humans. Matt and Tyler are the only characters, as of now, that can enter without issue but I can't imagine everyone else is going to give up their home without a fight. *Picturing Sheriff Forbes (Marguerite MacIntyre) heel-clicking with glee to be rid of all things supernatural in her beloved town*

11. Flashbacks

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Vampire Diaries is notorious for its eye-opening flashbacks that are sometimes even more intriguing than the current storyline. Since season 6 will be taking place four months after Damon and Bonnie's deaths and our world falling apart, I'm sure we'll all have to rely on flashbacks to fill in the gaps of what happened between then and now. I'd love to know who let Stefan just waltz out of everyone's lives. #Rude

12. Stefan's new life

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After the loss of his brother, Stefan (Paul Wesley) decides to move away and start a new life as a car mechanic. He has completely detached himself from the rest of the group and has a storyline all his own complete with a new love interest. The only connection we see in the promo is him talking on the phone with Elena and telling her to move on from Damon. Will he come back?? If not, will he at least have ample screen time!? We can't lose Damon AND Stefan in the same season! Why is no one doing anything about this!?!?

13. Stelena

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The new poster for season 6 shows Damon and Bonnie off in one corner, presumably symbolizing the "other side" while Stefan is leading Elena away from them in the other direction. Could this be hinting at a Stelena reunion? Could they get together again after bonding over the loss of their closest loved one? Or will the grief be too much for both of them? All I know is that all of this speculation is too much to handle!

14. Caroline

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As she's pictured looking seriously depressed and alone in the season six poster I think it's safe to assume Steroline will not end well. It's also been said that there is no hope for her and Tyler but honestly, I think we're all over it anyway. Caroline (Candice Accola) and Stefan have been adorable besties since he helped her through her vampire transition in season two and it looks like they'll probably end up right back in the friendzone. It's rumored that she's not going to be enough to help him cope with the loss of Damon and if the promo has told us anything, she's beyond hurt. Here's to mending her neurotic broken heart.

15. Delena

The CW / Via

If Damon does come back (and let's be honest, this is The Vampire Diaries, they always come back) what does that mean for Damon and Elena's relationship? If Elena shuts off her humanity and Damon comes back will she still even want to be with him? Will she be too far gone to even care that he's returned? Or will he be the one to save her from herself? Too many unanswered questions, we need October 2nd and we need it right now.

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