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    12 Things People In Long Distance Relationships Are Tired Of Hearing

    Warning: sarcastic answers ahead.

    1. "Do you miss him/her?"

    2. "So are you guys serious?"

    3. "Aren't you afraid she/he's going to cheat on you?"

    4. "Well how do you know for sure that they're not cheating on you?"

    5. "Why don't you just date someone who lives closer?"

    6. "Don't you get really lonely?"

    7. "Why don't one of you just move?"

    8. "Is it weird when you see each other?"

    9. "Why not just break up while you're apart?"

    10. "So are you allowed to go out on the weekends without him/her?"

    11. "So why not just cheat? It's not like they'd ever find out."

    12. "Why do you stay with them?"