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12 Most Underrated Places In Europe

Paris? London? Berlin? Pff, been there done that.

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12. Alicante, Spain


3hrs south of Valencia, Alicante is brimming with life. With it's long, endless beaches and strong student population, Alicante is where the fun is. Hop around the old "barrio" from bar to bar and stay up till the sunrises. Hey, and maybe catch the last boat to Ibiza after that.

11. Thessaloniki, Greece


The coastal town of Thessaloniki is one of Greece's forgotten beauties. Being Greece's second largest city, Thessaloniki is considered as Greece's cultural capital. Plus, Thessaloniki has most bars and cafés per capita than any other city in Europe.

10. Andorra la Vella, Andorra


Tucked away in the Pyrenees, Andorra la Vella is the small capital of Andorra, a country known for its mountain and voting for Spain in Eurovision. The Pyrenees are pretty underrated themselves, but if you want to get the ultimate Pyrenees experience, Andorra is the place to go.

9. Trier, Germany


One of the oldest towns in Germany, this town is your historical orgasm. Built upon Roman ruins, you can still go and visit the Amphitheatre which is still in excellent condition. Along with that, who doesn't mind visiting a 13th century cathedral?

8. Pula, Croatia


Forget about Zadar and Split, Pula is where it's at. Hidden on the Northern coast of Croatia, this place has it all; beaches, music (check out the Outlook festival) and your over-whelming ancient European setting.

7. York, UK


York, such a quaint town hidden in the North of England. Renown for it's stunning medieval architecture and its many pubs, you can find everything that makes England great in its tight streets. You don't need the hustle and bustle of London to fully appreciate what makes England great.

6. Sandhamn, Sweden


Situated 50km out of Stockholm, this little village surrounded by an archipelago, is your quintessential Swedish getaway. Imagine this: meandering in a kayak around the islands, returning to your hotel for a spa and then eating fresh off the boat fish. Paradise? I think so.

5. Valencia, Spain


In the recent years, Valencia has gone through a serious cultural Renaissance. With one of the largest museum complexes in Europe, this Spanish city is bursting with life. It doesn't help that it's annual Fallas festival (where they literally burn massive paper statues) draws thousands of tourists each year. Oh yeah, don't forget the tapas.

4. Saint-Malo, France


This Northern French town is hidden in Brittany and is one of France's hidden gems. A fortified medieval city, it's winding streets will get you lost in an instant. Even though the weather is your typical Northern Atlantic rain, the architecture and it's charm make up for it.

3. Trieste, Italy


Historically, this town has always been a conundrum switching between being an Italian, Yugoslavian or Austro-Hungarian city. About 2hrs north of Venice and on the border of Slovenia, this town is the last frontier of Italian culture. It's a hub of culture, a blend between the Eastern, harsh architecture and soft Italian Renaissance. Oh, and like every European city, it has a castle.

2. Bratislava, Slovakia


About an hour out of Vienna, not only is this capital much cheaper than the Austrian one, but it is also unbelievably adorable with its combination of post-Soviet charm and slavic plazas. Also, who wouldn't want to recreate that memorable scene in 'Eurotrip'?

1. Ljubljana, Slovenia

Despite it's unpronounceable name, this capital is small but has everything you want from a European city; culture, night life and strange accents. City of bridges, this city has it all. 6hrs south of Vienna, this is the perfect place to discover the heart of Eastern Europe.

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