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6 Reasons Why The Binturong Is The Coolest Animal At The Zoo

We can’t get enough of this furry creature. In the wild, it lives in the forests of south-east Asia. But if you’re lucky, you might be able to spot one at your local zoo.

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1. It is also known as the Asian bearcat, although it is neither a bear nor a cat.

You can see the bear resemblance, though.

2. It has a (very bushy) prehensile tail.

Useful for climbing trees in those forests.

3. It gives off a scent of popcorn to mark its territory.

How neat is that?

4. It has white whiskers.

Rather like a cat.

5. A nocturnal creature, it loves sleeping during the day.

Another cat-like trait, all that sleeping.

6. Its cubs are, needless to say, completely adorable.

© Virginie Barraud

If only you could take one home.

Want to see more of the binturong? Check out this video of Lucy the bearcat, who lives at Cincinnati Zoo in Ohio:

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