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    Here's How To Have An Awesome Virtual Yard Sale On Instagram

    Instagram isn't just for selfies and stalking. It's also a great way to sell your extra stuff.

    These days, there are plenty of ways to sell things you don't want or need to other people. Sites like eBay, Poshmark and Amazon make it pretty easy, or you can kick it old-school with an IRL stoop or yard sale. But most selling and bidding sites want a cut of your profits or require you to register, and in-person sales hinge on who can make it to your side of town in time.

    Enter: the Instagram sale. More and more people (myself included) are using Instagram to sell items because it's easy, and buyers have direct access to you if there are questions about things like color or fit. Best of all, you get 100% of the profits.

    Before you throw a virtual yard sale of your own, check out these tips from bloggers who have already mastered the art:

    1. Sort through your stuff and pick out what will actually sell.

    2. Set up an easy way for people to pay you.

    3. Create a new account just for the sale.

    4. Be clear about the rules.

    5. Decide if you want people to bid or buy.

    6. Use natural light to take great photos.

    7. Keep photo styles consistent.

    8. You can also show your item next to a product shot.

    9. Be transparent about the condition of your stuff.

    10. Check comments often and answer questions quickly.

    11. Promote the sale consistently on your main page.

    12. Stay on top of invoices and shipping.

    13. Watch the money roll in.