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Welcome To "Laughing At Pintrest": OI! Pintrest! You're Doing It Wrong.

Make "Laughing at Pintrest" your new Tuesday-night-in pass-time.

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Try not to make your "Healthy Dinner" recipe look like twice baked spew.

I can't even tell what it was supposed to be before the person just covered their kid's sick in cheese and tried to palm it off as dinner.

From user 'Seashell CrAzY'.

This is so ugly I can't even begin. All the seashells involved in the making of this upsetting nightmare are praying for the right to die....maybe not with dignity, but at least to get some peace.

Sweet green beans, I'm sorry its come to this.

ok, we need some rules: DO NOT take a picture of or try to make people eat food if any of the following applies- the 'food' closely resembles spew, the appearance of the 'food' doesn't improve following the application of a filter and/or when presented with the 'food' people giggle out of fear or genuine mirth that you think you can cook.

The ultimate classic "my take on a Pintrest idea"

This is (surprisingly) how to cover-up those ugly blinds while still having access to the windows. Because in no way does this 'decorating' idea make something that is relatively inoffensive blazingly hideous.

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