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Easy And Creative Ways To Declutter Your Life

In your English classes, we have been discussing lifestyle changes. And one of the points to achieve it, it is to declutter your life. But, what does it mean? According to the Urban Dictionary, declutter means to eliminate extraneous things or information, as in "It's time to declutter your life". In addition, it can apply to your personal life, emotional state and work life. In this list you can find some information about it. This is a collaborative list made by EFL students.

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2. Think about the necessity of those things

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If you don't need them, think about the really priorities. Maybe there are people that need more than you. So you should donate old things or buy only what you really need.

3. Use the internet to sell them


What about earning some money and be free from old things? You can use different websites, such as, or

6. A photo as a memory

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If something are too emotional to be completely forgotten, you could take a picture and print or save it in a folder in your PC. So it will be always there when you want to remember.

7. As beautiful as organized

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Women is always buying make up items, but it isn't too easy chuck away this kind of things related to beauty. But when you organize them, throwing away old things, it gets better going out.

9. Keep your desk organized

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Before starting your work, take everything off your desk in a box. Then if you feel the need of something you can take it at the box and put again at the desk. With this you'll can see the things that are really necessary to keep at your desk.

10. Have a simpler life

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Have a social life is very important, like seeing friends and family, but decluttering your schedule is also essential for simplifying your life and giving yourself a bit of headspace.

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