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    • carobara

      My freshman year of college, I was randomly placed with a girl who was absolutely disgusting. It was an absolute nightmare! She absolutely never cleaned: she would peel an orange and leave the rind on the floor, stole my food and left the wrappers in her desk, would brush her teeth in the room and then SPIT into the recycling bin, and rarely did her laundry. In fact, despite her many “gentleman callers” and two unfortunate Auntie Flo accidents on her sheets, the only time they were ever changed was when I did it for her because she had gotten drunk and vomited all over her bed. In October. She never took the used pads out of her underwear, and would just throw them into the back of her wardrobe, which I discovered when I went looking for a shirt she had borrowed, much to my disgust. She borrowed my travel coffee mugs so that she could drink wine outside without getting caught, and then left the mostly full containers on her dest to ferment, causing an infestation of fruit flies and for our room to smell like rot. No matter what, she never cleaned up after herself, and if I tried to clean, she would yell at me for touching her stuff. Furthermore, despite there being a working bathroom, she always blew her hair dry in our bedroom at 7 am, waking me up a full four hours before I’d have to be awake. I used to call my mom in absolute tears at least once a day because the room was so awful to be in.
      But despite all that, the absolute worst thing she ever did to me occurred after I asked her to stop waking me up with her hairdryer every damn day. I used to have long hair, and I always sleep with it off my neck, so if I was sleeping close to the edge, it would hang down passed the mattress. Well, the morning after our conversation, I woke up to my hair braided. I didn’t remember doing it the night before (which I sometimes did to stop it from getting too tangled), and feeling rather freaked out by the fact I couldn’t remember, I made some comment about how I must have been super tired if I didn’t remember something like that. My roommate laughed, looked me dead in the eye and said “No, silly, I braided your hair. I told you you were a heavy sleeper, so my hairdryer shouldn’t be waking you up.” SHE BRAIDED MY HAIR WHILE I SLEPT!! After many more fights, an intervention from the RA and the housing department, I was finally able to move out after Christmas. Now that it’s all passed, I can look back at it and laugh over how absolutely insane the whole situation, but to this day, if someone even comes near me when I’m asleep, I wake up.

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