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These “Out Of Office” Emails Could Be The Best Part Of Your Vacation

"Automated response: I am currently on vacation on a Carnival Cruise. If any emergencies arise, please do not contact me."

1. For that "let's meet to schedule another meeting" email.

2. For that "requires immediate action" email.

3. For that "I just need a minute of your time" email.

4. For that "we have a last-minute meeting" email.

5. For that "can you please send me the missing slides" email.

6. For that "entire department is CC'd" email.

7. For that "why am I even included in this email?" email.

8. For that "does anyone have extra bandwidth?" email.

9. For that "all hands on deck" email.

10. For that "does anyone have a ______?" email.

11. For that "I need something, and I need it now" email.

Be out of the office for the right reasons. Book your next vacation with Carnival Cruise today.

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