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An Open Letter To Workaholics

You know who you are. You are required to read this memo from Carnival Cruise.

Work hard, play hard. Early bird gets the worm, right? We get it...except when was the last time you left the office and actually left the office? Like, without stealing a glance at your emails during dinner, before bed, or on a SATURDAY? And when was the last time you used your PTO? Not for another wedding or to visit your parents.

Maybe it's time to take a real vacation. The kind that gets you excited about drafting an out-of-office email and looking at that bottle of old sunblock with a spark in your eye.

We know it's been a while, but there's a whole world out there once you step away from your inbox, office, and co-workers...

This is not arriving at the office before the rest of your co-workers are even out of bed:

This is not the agonizing wait for your first cup of coffee:

This is not yet another memo about the importance of a top-level perspective:

This is not agreeing to work two shifts in a row because your co-worker is "sick":

This is not being glued to your computers in the confines of your cubicle:

This is definitely not your co-worker's reheated leftovers:

This is not a last-minute frantic search for an empty meeting room:

This is not your 3 p.m. caffeinated pick-me-up, no cream, no sugar:

This is not you jumping on a pointless call...

...and having to regroup in person anyway:

This is not being on your feet for 12 hours straight:

This is not staying late. And skipping the gym. Again:

This is not that happy hour you missed because you had to "catch up on emails":

This is not making awkward carpool conversation for the sake of that sweet HOV lane:

This is not adjusting the brightness on your phone to read one more email before bed:

This isn't your desktop screensaver — it's a real vacation:

All photos by Aubree Lennon / © BuzzFeed

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