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For Everyone Whose Name Is Hard To Pronounce

I don't always yell when people get my name wrong, but when I do- oh wait, yes I do. I always yell.

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The first day of school is the worst

You know your name is going to be called next on the attendance sheet when the teacher hesitates before saying it

When this happens, you just raise your hand and tell the teacher how to say it before they even get around to embarrassing you in front of the whole class

Substitute teachers are your worst nightmare

But after a while, you simply respond to whatever name they give you- they’re only with you for one class period anyway


Nicknames become your best friend


You always wonder how teachers get your name right on the first day of school but struggle with it for the rest of the year

When someone actually pronounces your name correctly, this is your reaction


And when someone mispronounces your name, your friends do this


Meeting new people is really hard because no one can ever remember your name correctly (if at all)


But hey, at least you’ll always a conversation starter! Embrace your weird, unique, complicated names, kiddos!

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