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13 Feminist Youtubers You Should Be Subscribed To

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1. Laci Green


As a public sex educator and feminist activist, Green challenges the stigma associated with sex through helpful and real videos. Go check her out! (But not in that way- consent is very important on her channel).

2. Franchesca Ramsey (ChescaLeigh)


Ramsey's main channel features impersonations and song parodies as well as socially aware and topical comedy skits. Her second channel, Chescalocs, focuses on beauty, natural hair care, and styling. This NYC-based gal additionally hosts the MTV News webseries “Decoded” and writes for Upworthy, a website dedicated to bringing people together through positive storytelling.

3. FeministFrequency


Anita Sarkeesian created FeministFrequency in 2009 to serve as an educational critique of media literacy. This channel explores the depictions of women in pop culture and busts myths on gender representations in the media and they just recently launched their web series, The FREQ Show, which links current political and social matters to pop culture.

4. Jouelzy


Jouelzy celebrates #SmartBrownGirls and encourages women of color to be the author of their own success story and reject harmful social norms. She also mentors on topics ranging from mental health, careers, and relationships to tech, travel, and culture. In her popular video series, #PopSnark, the young YouTuber wittingly comments on current cultural topics that impact women of color.

7. Hannah Witton


First of all, she’s British so go ahead and subscribe to her right now. Witton chats about a variety of subjects such as books, TV shows, films, feminism and travel. She spreads positive messages about sex, relationships, body image, and gender and sexuality. Oh, and she’s a Hufflepuff in case you were wondering.

8. Arielle Scarcella


Scarcella shares her experiences on relationships and sex as well as advises her viewers on dating, gender, and LGBT issues. She also hosts another channel called GirlfriendsTV which is part of Project Toasty, a nonprofit organization promoting self-expression and self-love. Could it get any better?

9. Rowan Ellis


Ellis discusses pop culture, activism, and self care from a feminist and queer perspective and just last year, she helped found the FemTube movement which supports women creators on YouTube. She is also a YouTube UK Ambassador and host of #femtubechat on Twitter.

10. Riley J. Dennis


Dennis' videos focus on three main subjects: intersectional feminism, politics, and vlogging. As a non-binary trans woman, Dennis is passionate about social justice and intersectional feminism, using her influence to educate the public on gender, sexuality, rape culture, and fatphobia. She has also published a trilogy of young adult fantasy novels incorporating characters from diverse backgrounds.

11. Ceedling (Celia Edell)


Edell is currently completing her PhD in philosophy at McGill University, focusing on feminist ethics, moral epistemology, and race. She makes videos for EverydayFeminism discussing feminist theory, anxiety, and philosophy.

13. Staceyann Chin


Activist, writer, poet- this woman does it all! Chin shares lessons on life, love, and parenting and even has a series with her daughter Zuri entitled "Living Room Protests" in which they tackle current sociopolitical issues through short conversations. She has starred in Across the Universe, Russell Simmons Def Poetry Jam on Broadway, and both versions of Voices of a People's History of the United States. Chin's work has been featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, and the Pittsburgh Daily, and she relayed her experience growing up as a gay person in Jamaica during an interview with Oprah Winfrey.

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