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TOP 5 Destinations For A Valentine’s Day Out of the Ordinary

Valentine’s Day is the lovers’ day; we all know that. We also know that a lot of people, after a long relationship, can get tired of this day just offering some trite gifts. And why not try something new? Go to adventure with your soulmate, instead of offering you a box of chocolate during a candlelit in a five-star hotel? We invite you to discover our top 5 of the most unusual destinations for Valentine’s Day, in order to reignite the flame in your couple and maintain a spirit of escape and sharing.

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1. Stay in an igloo in Switzerland

This year, lovers will celebrate Valentine’s Day in an igloo. The Whitepod society has set up a refuge of fifteen “Pods”, small habitats similar to igloos that you can find at the foot of “Dents du Midi” to 1400m altitude in the village of Cerniers in Switzerland. Each Pods is decorated differently, the interior is furnished with beautiful and antique furniture, carpet and king size beds. The wood stoves and insulation ensure the well-being of couples as well as bathrooms connected directly to the source water for comfort and ecology. Shelters are also equipped with windows and a private terrace with a view of Lake Geneva and the Alps. The “Chalet de Courten” will welcome lovers for meals and relaxation with its landscaped spa. A lot of various activities will be offered to couples such as cross-country skiing, sledding, sleds or paragliding ride.

2. Stay in the Nicaragua and Costa Rica volcanoes

Discovery Volcanoes invites lovers to celebrate Valentine’s day at the heart of the nine active volcanoes that are the Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Couples will discover local fauna and flora with the eucalyptus forests, typical villages in this region, toucans and other birds of colors will be present. Vacationers will participate in the collection of crystals of sulfur, at a crossing in a lava tunnel or at the night show of the Masaya Volcano crater.

3. Stay in Kilimanjaro

For Valentine’s day, lovers will go to the ascent of Kilimanjaro (Tanzania), the “roof of Africa” which rises the more than 5800m altitude. A stay in the heart of Africa, where couples will discover, by the Rongai route, wet forests, and savannas filled with African wildfire where lions, leopards, elephant, giraffes, zebras and other animals live together. The adventurers will end their journey at the foot of the volcanoes Mawenzi and Kibo. The return will be made by a different path: the way Marangu always at the heart of Kilimanjaro national Park. This trip includes flights, full board, transfers and other benefits.

4. Stay in Agra, India

Impossible to make a list like this without the Taj Mahal in. The mausoleum of white marble located in Agra, in India, dresses every day in the most beautiful sunset and welcomes all lovers of the world eager to rekindle their flame. This treasure of Indian art surrounded by a heavenly garden symbolizes love in memory of Mumtaj Mahal, wife of a maharaja, who had it built as a tribute to his beloved tender. Cliché? Perhaps, but unusual for sure.

5. Stay in Verona, Italy

The love story of Romeo and Juliet is the most famous in the world. Why not visit the House of Verona where Juliet lived and where the two families Capulet and Montague competed? An opportunity to engrave your love in this home of the 13th century stone to make it eternal like the two lovebirds of history. Now a destination to which few people would have thought to spend Valentine’s day, so be the first to plunge yourself into heavy emotions and mythical aura. Therefore, there is no trip organized, then this is the opportunity to find the best typical hotels and Italian restaurants serving the best pasta, pizzas, and ice cream.

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